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'Star Wars: Episode IX' Release Date Pushed Back to December 2019

Briefly: Major news from Lucasfilm/Disney today. It has been officiallyannounced thatJ.J. Abrams will return to directStar Wars: Episode IX, replacing director Colin Trevorrow wholeft the project last week. The announcement also mentions that Abrams will co-write the film with Chris Terrio (Oscar winning writer ofArgo, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League).Episode IX was originally scheduled for release in May of 2019, but Disney has also pushed the official release date back untilDecember 20th, 2019. This isn't really a surprise, consideringEpisodes VII andVIII are both December releases as well, and it makes sense they want to follow that tradition. By now, a newStar Wars is becoming the perfect annual holiday treat for moviegoers all over the world. That's the latestStar Wars news, no other info was revealed.

For anyone wondering my thoughts on J.J. Abrams returning, I'm neither upset nor am I more excited than before. I enjoyedThe Force Awakens and I think J.J. is a great director, so that still stands. For now, I'm just waiting to see what happens inThe Last Jedi in a few months. We have no idea where exactly the story will go or what will happen, and so it's hard to even begin discussing the potential ofEpisode IX until we get through the next one. And I'm still crazy excited forThe Last Jedi, only three months left. Bring on the Jedi.